The Shirt by Jane Kenyon

The following is a very short sweet poem by Jane Keynon. I stumbled upon it in a nice poetry collection blog
The sensibility and taste in poetry of this blogger matches more or less with mine. So, it’s like a treasure trove for  me now and I’ll go through all the poems in it whenever I get some time to breathe in the midst of this hectic lifestyle.

The shirt touches his neck
and smooths over his back.
It slides down his sides.
It even goes down below his belt—
down into his pants.
Lucky shirt.

This poem (except for the lustful connotations and going into pants) falls in the typical schoolgirl crush category of poetry.

I think a better version would have been this:

Touches his neck
Smooths over his back
Slides down his sides
Even goes down below his belt –
down into his pants.
Lucky shirt!