Dream…that’s the thing to do..?

“I’m thinking of you” – these words uttered by a someone can make up for a bundle of sorrows, a whole day of troubles, or even an entire lifetime of woes. All of us wish for these words packaged suitably in love and care to come by from a special someone at some point of our life. Some of us encounter the arrival of the package quite early in life, while some others get it a little late;  the more fortunate ones get it more than once, while the least fortunate ones just die waiting for it. Then again, the ones who do get it may not preserve it or may not be suitably equipped to preserve it. It’s all a complicated affair.

Nevertheless, it’s a great feeling, isn’t it? – to enter into someone’s intimate thoughts and then to come to know from that someone that you are right there, positively meandering through their mental space. I know. Sigh!

Longing is a disease. It afflicts one and all. Longing in love is a sweet pain. Longing for love is a sorrowful pain. Longing to love is a … I don’t know … weird thing but not quite uncommon as I see it. There are many dimensions to this feeling of longing, pining when in love. It’s sweet, it’s painful, it’s secretive to an extent, it can be shared with confidantes and derived pleasure from in some cases, it gives one hope and joy and something to look forward to, it brings meaning to life too in most cases.
Dreams and longing are so intertwined in romantic context that you can’t quite separate one from the other. Strictly speaking, dreams form the part of the ongoing process of longing when one falls asleep, or rather, they are those series of images which are triggered by longing (in the waking state) and which one sees in one’s head (in the sleep state) with absolutely no control over the generation of the content (Thanks to my BSE629 Neurobiology!). Daydreaming is related to dreaming in only as much as images are concerned. Daydreaming is a more voluntary and more positive aspect of longing. It is associated with the actualization of the object that one is longing for. Daydreams add sugar to longing – daydreams embellished with vibrant colors of nature, with music that pulsates with the happy heartbeats, with beauty that brings joy to the soul.

In an age where time is money, how feasible is for one to enjoy this whole phase of  longing with its myriad dimensions and flavors? Highly impractical, we say. This beautiful feeling of longing is being grossly overridden by mind’s occupation with materialistic concerns and worldly responsibilities; and all one can do to celebrate this lingering sensation is take some time out of one’s busy schedule to type in a blog-post like the present one or perhaps, log onto the ever-popular romance-killing stalker’s hub – Facebook – to update status messages . Well, Facebook-bashing is not the point of this post…the point is that I think that all the buried, choked and repressed romantics in us deserve a chance to breathe, a chance to live a bit…hence I see a need to celebrate the sweet melancholy that sits at the heart of a love affair…to do that is simple, natural, needs no teacher, or tutorials, but it’s extant because of the dearth of time for actions that can’t be directly or indirectly valued in monetary terms…the idea is that longing is worth it, we should abandon all care and lose all sense of time, we should embrace longing….longing to be kissed goodnight, longing to get a call back, longing to hear his/her voice on phone just after hanging up, longing to be assured of his/her love again and again, longing for the midnight tryst in the secret scarlet garden, longing for the fulfillment of the tacit promise to meet again the following midnight, longing for the words “I’m thinking of you”…

“Dream, when you’re feeling blue
Dream, that’s the thing to do
Just watch the smoke rings rise in the air
You’ll find your share of memories there”

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