Happy 2012 To Me and You and You and You…

I’d long resolved not to put personal detail into any one of these blogposts I occasionally fancy writing. But, the older I grow, the touchier I become and the more lonely…so I cannot help but see this space as a sort of vent to let out those unexpressed personal feelings that torment me to no end for the lack of that unbreakable, inviolable self-control I possessed as a child.

After a long, long time I had gone on this movie watching spree. Credit goes to MI4. I watched it in the movies while I was enjoying my winter break at home recently.  It blew me away completely and made up for a lot of bad things that were bugging my mind since the day I had packed my bags for home. There were good and bad things that I had to go through while at home. All that aside, MI4 helped bring back the memory of the joys of watching movies in my own, private space. How could I not relish it in the last two terms! So, with that hot, throbbing momentum tugging at me, as soon as I got back to this Corporate Slave heaven I watched half a dozen movies on my voiceless laptop (imagine!). It’s no mean feat! No sound, just subtitles. I couldn’t imagine I could ever tolerate that kind of entertainment…it’s like punishment, really, when you think of it. But I did it. And I didn’t feel there was much of a difference. These movies were just as good as with sound. It started with Seducing Mr. Perfect (Korean, 2006). Then I went on to watch Paranormal Activity III on a girls’ night out. Later in my room – American Psycho (English, 2000), Up (Pixar, 2009), Someone Like You (English, 2001), Love and Other Drugs (English, 2010), Rope (Hitchcock, 1948). Then I got into the mood to write something down for the first time in 2012.

The titles that they’d given to the movies and the order in which I watched them, now that I see them in print here, more or less seem to map the moods I’ve been through over the past few weeks. Rope doesn’t fit the bill though…as of now, that is.

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