My lucky star!

People of the world, like me, we wake up every morning, brush and breakfast… and believe we are going about our life making our  presentations, making it to offices in time, picking up kids from schools, running marathons, travelling on trains, planes, cars, trucks, ships, carrying cargo, mail, tourists… dashing to dinner appointments, shrink sessions, PTA meets, blind dates, getting in and out of taxicabs, pushing our way through traffic jams… but if you zoom out a little and look at our trails from up there, you’ll notice that what we are really doing is tracing circles around you… one round at a time.
Because, we are the satellites, asteroids, cosmic dust, but you, my dear, are the star. The difference between me and the other satellites?
It’s just that, unlike all the others, I shine as bright as I can when the light from your eyes falls on me…even if you’re light years away. I’m your moon! And baby, you’re my lucky star!

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