Happy birthday, Blog!

Dearest Blog,

I can’t seem to recollect your year of birth. Sorry, for being such a callous mother, or should I call myself Creator? ‘God’ should be apt in this scenario, don’t you think? You must’ve turned 4 today, if my memory is any good. I am fighting off the urge to check the archives (for the date of the first blogpost) until I finish writing what I woke up in the middle of the night to write. As you well know, I’m suffering from a severe lack of inspiration to write and, as ashamed as I am to admit it, I ought to confess that the driving force behind this particular post is the lack of mental drive to recall your date of birth from memory. I lulled my mental facilities into a convenient coma over the last so many months I’ve kept myself away from you. At first, the lulling was actively facilitated by the urbane professional occupation I leaped into after graduating from a business school. Later, it passively continued in the short-spanned state of inactivity I committed myself to right after I quit the anti-Utopian job. It’s been two and a half months of complete and satisfactory levels of inactivity till date..with the only disappointment being my absence from the blog. I don’t expect you to empathize. My love for writing, and thereby for you, is not insincere. It’s more correct to label it my insecurity than anything else. The moments of exhilaration and that tempestuous stirring of inspiration I feel with you when words just pour out of me in eager enthusiasm, surpass even the fiercest passions of a love affair, or ‘breathing human passion’ as Keats calls it. Yet, I hesitated to come here for the fear of proving to be a poor writer. A complete state of inactivity has garnered for me a sense of peace and quiet over the last two months: I was afraid that a failed attempt at writing anything good would damage that sense of tranquility I was nestled in.

Today, I pledge to be more expressive of my love for you by writing regularly. The insecurity prevails but I couldn’t keep away from wishing you on your birthday. I love you.

Happy birthday, Blog!

With Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, to all!