Happy 2012 To Me and You and You and You…

I’d long resolved not to put personal detail into any one of these blogposts I occasionally fancy writing. But, the older I grow, the touchier I become and the more lonely…so I cannot help but see this space as a sort of vent to let out those unexpressed personal feelings that torment me to no end for the lack of that unbreakable, inviolable self-control I possessed as a child.

After a long, long time I had gone on this movie watching spree. Credit goes to MI4. I watched it in the movies while I was enjoying my winter break at home recently.  It blew me away completely and made up for a lot of bad things that were bugging my mind since the day I had packed my bags for home. There were good and bad things that I had to go through while at home. All that aside, MI4 helped bring back the memory of the joys of watching movies in my own, private space. How could I not relish it in the last two terms! So, with that hot, throbbing momentum tugging at me, as soon as I got back to this Corporate Slave heaven I watched half a dozen movies on my voiceless laptop (imagine!). It’s no mean feat! No sound, just subtitles. I couldn’t imagine I could ever tolerate that kind of entertainment…it’s like punishment, really, when you think of it. But I did it. And I didn’t feel there was much of a difference. These movies were just as good as with sound. It started with Seducing Mr. Perfect (Korean, 2006). Then I went on to watch Paranormal Activity III on a girls’ night out. Later in my room – American Psycho (English, 2000), Up (Pixar, 2009), Someone Like You (English, 2001), Love and Other Drugs (English, 2010), Rope (Hitchcock, 1948). Then I got into the mood to write something down for the first time in 2012.

The titles that they’d given to the movies and the order in which I watched them, now that I see them in print here, more or less seem to map the moods I’ve been through over the past few weeks. Rope doesn’t fit the bill though…as of now, that is.

Things to remember on this Valentine’s Day, especially if you have broken up a relationship recently

Lately having read many a blog-post dripping with cynicism over the tradition of Valentine’s, the overt commercialization, the artificiality of setting aside a day for loved ones, blah blah blah, I, for a change, decided to depart from my own customary cynicism and write something positive about Valentine’s, especially for those of us who are healing the wounds caused by a vicious break-up. After all, there is still space for “love”, the concept as opposed to the emotion, on Earth, in whatever form or method it is practiced. Well, well, I’m atleast trying to be positive.

Love comes in many forms these days. Let me roll out a few examples, as they come to my mind with or without price-tags,…..greeting cards, SMS, e-cards, balloons, cakes, occasional lengthy phone calls, rarely flowers. While these are on the low-end of love tokens, on the high-end they have candle-light dinners, designer clothes, vintage watches, expensive perfumes, diamond-studded  earrings, sleek cars, bungalows, aircraft, nuclear armament…I mean there is no upper limit to it. I don’t mean to underscore the commercial element of it. Money is only secondary; at least, it ought to be so. The reason being – whatever token of love you receive on this symbolic day, it is not as lovely as when you receive it from the man/woman you most desire.

There is a lover in every one of us. While many of us are fortunate enough to be accompanied by a Valentine on this special day, the rest of us can still dream about having that special person by our side in the nearest future. There must be a few of us who may have broken up with  our partners recently. Those of us must be viewing the impending Valentine’s Day as a major stumbling block to the obscenely difficult course of moving on. To this last group of lovers I want to say, cheer up, because there must be better lovers waiting for you elsewhere. Here are a few tips to get yourself back on your feet, feeling great and looking up again.

First and foremost, get out of those social networking websites which can only beleaguer you with a barrage of status updates and photo uploads from people who are ever ready to flaunt their fake love, and loveless gifts from their insincere lovers. (I assure you that those who update their V-Day adventures surely haven’t enjoyed the day as much as they did uploading the pictures in the aftermath. And, if some of those usual self-publicizing dickheads didn’t update it surely means that they didn’t have any worthwhile adventures to share or are just trying to be elusive. So, there is nothing you would likely miss by not logging into those loser-friendly networks anyway, any day.)

Take a warm water bath. Put on your best-loved dress and get out of your cubbyhole. Get yourself some bright-colored fragrant roses, and chocolates… treat yourself.

On this cheerful day spread your love to those who have the capacity to cherish it. Flush out from your fragile mind those unwanted memories of your ex, forever and ever.  Light up his/her photos with a match and wash them down the drain. It works well as surely as it did for Geet and Adi in Jab We Met.

Don’t cringe at posters of romance movies or at the sound of love songs on your i-POD but enjoy them in your new-found freedom.

Gorge on your favorite pastimes in your renewed perspective of being by yourself again.  Try out new clothes, new tastes, new music, new movies, new books, new forms of art.

It is not really a good idea to reconnect with your old friends on V-Day  for you may be risking hearing an aggrandized update of their V-Day news by doing so; but don’t block an old friend from reconnecting with you.

Finally, take a deep breath and take a moment to realize that  the day wouldn’t have been so awesome had you tried to stretch that exhausted relationship this far and spoiled one of the most divine pleasures of mankind – solitude. So congratulate yourself on breaking that unwieldy relationship for the better. Remember not to blame yourself for entering into it or for being the one who was dumped. No mistake is a bad mistake for you get to learn  something from every one of your mistakes. Likewise, no relationship is a bad relationship for you get to learn something from every one of them.

Happy girl

Remember that though it may seem to you presently that every man or every woman, as the case may be, is as big a douche-bag as your ex, it is not quite true.  So do not hesitate to welcome love with open arms into your life. It may come in the form of a cheerful ray of sunlight, or a wild flower blown into your window by a stray breeze; or perhaps, embodied as a lover knocking at your door on this wonderful day.  

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